The IO3 Research group has worked in an iterative fashion since its instigation. Part of our research methodology has been to glean experience and a deeper understanding through hosting research events and intensive workshops. In this section you can explore these different junctures in our process.

Our first event was A two-day online seminar on transdisciplinary teaching, which was held on April 22 & 23, 2021

How can different disciplines work together to exchange knowledge and promote emergent transdisciplinary ways of thinking and practising? This two-day seminar brought together teachers from various disciplines to share experiences, methodologies, and practices which foster transdisciplinary learning. It explored the conditions that make transdisciplinary education possible, the skills and approaches necessary, the challenges faced by teachers and students, and the immense potentiality of working across disciplines on shared research projects. You can read more about the event, as well as accessing videos and more here.

The  second event took place during the European University of Technology delegation meeting in Dublin in May 2022, the IO3: Transdisciplinary Teaching working group held a parallel intensive study workshop. It was the second iteration exploring keywords related to transdisciplinary teaching and learning environments.

Starting with keywords generated from the first intensive study workshop, participants again thematically clustered texts, plotted densities and added or removed texts as they deemed necessary. Strings were added linking concepts and affinities. This work again filtered through the research, informing much of the discussion during the Rotterdam workshop. You can explore the words and connections here.

Our third iteration was longer and more intimate in form. With an eye on the worlds we are fertilising within the context of transdisciplinary teaching and learning, Sinéad McDonald, Renée Turner and Joost De Raeymaecker met for an intensive working session at an allotment garden situated in Rotterdam’s city centre. You can learn more about that process  here.

Next to these activities, there was a two-day Multiplier event, Exploring Transdisciplinary education combining Arts & Sciences. Taking place on the 28th, and 29th of September, RASL and its partners presented the outcomes of the European project with roundtables, embodied exercises, music performances, walking conversations and peer exchanges on the research conducted within the Erasmus + project. The event brought together ​seven different European universities and external stakeholders who share an interest in transdisciplinary education and research.