Exploring Transdisciplinary Education

Exploring Transdisciplinary Education Combining Arts & Sciences was a two-day Multiplier event on September 28th and 29th in De Hilleveliet, Rotterdam South. The social space acts as a community centre and houses a variety of activities. The Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab has a place in the building for education, specifically the RASL minor. For this … Read more


ResourcesReadingEducationPractice Previous Next This collection of resources has come into being through the generosity and knowledge-sharing of many. During various interviews, conversations and events we organised, people referenced texts, websites, inspirational practices and models of transdisciplinary education. Some even shared their growing bibliographies with us. We thank everyone who added to this evolving list of resources. … Read more


This is an index of entwining terms and names woven through interviews, tuning words and resources. Densities are reflected by scale.

RASL Minor tutors

RASL Minor Tutors – The transdisciplinary RASL Minor at the Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab, Netherlands was introduced in September 2019 and was collectively taught by Josue Amador (Codarts), Sami Hammana (WdKA), Dieuwke Boersma (WdKA/Erasmus University), and Çağlar Köseoğlu (Erasmus University). They spoke with Renée Turner about their approaches to transdisciplinary learning and teaching, addressing student … Read more

Agnes Bakk & Dániel Barcza

Agnes Bakk and Professor Dániel Barcza – Daniel Barcza is the Vice-Rector of Strategy and Research, the Deputy-Director of MOME Innovation Centre, and Associate Professor at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary. Agnes Bakk is a PhD candidate at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, where she researches Virtual Reality, the science of magic, the sense of embodiment, … Read more

Joost De Raeymaecker

Joost De Raeymaecker is an Antwerp-based architect, philosopher, and PhD candidate at the Erasmus School of Philosophy (EUR). His research focusses on the Principle of Sufficient Reason and its transition from critique to care in American pragmatism and French empiricism. In addition, he teaches in the LDE minor ‘Modes of Existence: Architecture and Philosophy (MAP)’. On … Read more

Michael Haldrup

Professor Michael Haldrup Pedersen is a professor in performance design at Roskilde University, Sweden. His primary area of interest is performance, design and ontologies relating to the role of materiality and practice-based, embodied knowledge.  He was involved in establishing FabLab RUC as an open facility for design and technology experiments and explorations. He is currently interested in futuring, … Read more

Dr Glenn Loughran

Dr. Glenn Loughran is an artist, lecturer, and researcher at the TU Dublin School of Creative Arts. His research interests include transdisciplinary education, artistic research, socially engaged art, critical pedagogy, Island studies, and environmental arts. On the history of transdisciplinarity and transcending versus transgressing SMcD: What is your approach to transdisciplinarity, and how does it relate to … Read more

Tamara De Groot

Tamara de Groot is the coordinator of the Arts & Culture Programme at the Erasmus University College, Rotterdam, Netherlands. She is a member of the lectorate Transdisciplinary Education Innovation at Codarts University of the Arts, and she is involved in the development of transdisciplinary (teacher) education across three higher education institutions: Codarts, Willem De Kooning Academy and Erasmus University. She is currently … Read more

Professor Irene Vogeli

Professor Irene Vogeli is Co-Head of Transdisciplinarity in the Department of Cultural Analysis and Education at Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland. She spoke to researcher Sinéad McDonald about their MA Transdisciplinary Studies and the key challenges and learnings involved when delivering a programme that brings together disciplines across the arts and design, the sciences, and everyday life … Read more