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Dr. Conor McGarrigle is an artist and researcher, he is a lecturer in Fine Art at the TU Dublin School of Art and Design and a Research Fellow at the European Culture and Technology Lab. His practice is characterised by urban interventions mediated through digital technologies and data-driven explorations of networked social practices.  His artwork has been exhibited internationally including the Venice Biennale, the St. Etienne Biennale, Fundació Miro, SIGGRAPH, Site Santa Fe, FILE São Paulo, EVA International, and Science Gallery Dublin and Detroit. His research has been widely presented including the Centre Pompidou Paris, Computer Art Congress, Pact Zollverein, College Arts Association, SIGGRAPH and published as book chapters by Routledge, Springer, and Blackdog and articles in journals such as Visual Resources, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, and Digital Creativity. 

Joost De Raeymaecker is an Antwerp-based architect, philosopher, and PhD candidate at the Erasmus School of Philosophy (EUR). His research focusses on the Principle of Sufficient Reason and its transition from critique to care in American pragmatism and French empiricism. In addition, he teaches in the LDE minor ‘Modes of Existence: Architecture and Philosophy (MAP)’.

Dr. Jye O’Sullivan is a Dublin-based art historian, writer, and researcher. He is an assistant lecturer in History of Art at Technological University, Dublin and a senior research assistant and core member of the European Culture and Technology Laboratory European Culture and Technology Lab+ at the European University of Technology. His work specialises in intersections between art, cybernetics, and postcolonial/queer theory. Jye is committed to the development of post-human ecological ethics and has developed these frameworks with the Universidad de las Artes, Guayaquil, and the Institut de Recherche et D’Innovation, Paris as part of Marie-Curie funded projects and as part of Erasmus+ funded project Ethico. 

Jye’s research has been widely presented including at the College Arts Association, Latin American Studies Association, Society for Literature, Science and the Arts and numerous universities and institutions including the Universidade de Lisboa, Universidad de las Artes (Guayaquil), the Getty Institute and the Di Tella Instituto (Buenos Aires).  

Renée Turner is an artist and writer whose practice engages with digital narratives, archives, and interdisciplinary collaborative inquiry. Whether working collectively or on her own, her research is informed by feminist perspectives, and the entanglement of sites, histories, material encounters, and embodied subjectivities. She has been an artist in residence at Skowhegan, the Rijksakademie, and the Jan van Eyck Academy and awarded grants from the Mondriaan Foundation, Creative Industry Funds, and The Institute of Creative Technologies. Currently, she is a Senior Research Lecturer at the Willem de Kooning Academy, where she seeks critically committed approaches to pedagogy within the arts. She is also a researcher within the Rotterdam Arts and Science Lab (RASL), a transdisciplinary consortium between the Willem de Kooning Academy, Erasmus University, and Codarts. Next to these activities, she is a doctoral candidate at LUCA’s Intermedia Research Unit: Deep Histories Fragile Memories.

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Sinead McDonald is a Dublin based artist and digital media educator, based at the Technological University, Dublin. Her research and practice focuses on intra-disciplinary practice at the nexus of art, engineering, science, and the body. Her doctoral research explores the materiality of the body as a site of knowledge-making, and the interrogation of its epistemic, biological, technological, and intra-species alliances and entanglements. Her research trajectories are heavily influenced by feminist new materialist philosophy and queer theory. She is a founder member of Future Makers Collective, and a core researcher in the role of critical posthumanism and transdisciplinarity in the European Culture and Technology Lab+ at the European University of Technology.  

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