ResourcesReadingEducationPractice Previous Next This collection of resources has come into being through the generosity and knowledge-sharing of many. During various interviews, conversations and events we organised, people referenced texts, websites, inspirational practices and models of transdisciplinary education. Some even shared their growing bibliographies with us. We thank everyone who added to this evolving list of resources. … Read more

Professor Irene Vogeli

Professor Irene Vogeli is Co-Head of Transdisciplinarity in the Department of Cultural Analysis and Education at Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland. She spoke to researcher Sinéad McDonald about their MA Transdisciplinary Studies and the key challenges and learnings involved when delivering a programme that brings together disciplines across the arts and design, the sciences, and everyday life … Read more


The IO3 Research group has worked in an iterative fashion since its instigation. Part of our research methodology has been to glean experience and a deeper understanding through hosting research events and intensive workshops. In this section you can explore these different junctures in our process. Our first event was A two-day online seminar on … Read more


Each component in the life of this research has been carefully considered so that the learnings of the previous stage become the basis of the next. In this way, over the course of 3 years the researchers below have been able to filter and distill the information, literature, scholarship, and experience so as to enrich the project’s … Read more


*Slow* Transdisciplinary education is not built for efficiency or speed. With collaboration at its core, it is a cumbersome affair, if not at times unwieldy. Rather than being a hindrance, it is an affordance, a means of engaging wholly in complexity. To borrow from the Belgian philosopher Isabelle Stengers: It is here that the word … Read more


*Listening* One of the challenges within transdisciplinary teaching and learning is fostering safe and brave spaces for speaking and listening. 1 When collaborating, it is easy for communication to collapse into a simple game of relay where you say this and I say that. Inevitably, the soundscape can be rapidly filled with disparate opinions and, … Read more


*Conflict* “Conflict, though often unsettling, is a natural part of collective human experience. It can leave participants ill at ease, so it is often avoided and suppressed. Yet conflict, when well-managed, breathes life and energy into relationships and can cause individuals to be more innovative and productive. Conflict is present within our schools whether we … Read more